Our Business & Lubricants, defines our Passion. We have no competition as we consider all new young aspiring entrepreneurs as our fellow travellers. We welcome all prospective entrepreneurs. Share your dreams with us and we will make it a reality for you. We are a professionally run consultancy organisation, providing C2C (Concept to Commissioning) consultancy in the field of lubricants/Greases. We have empanelled professionals on board providing world class inputs on various aspects of lubricant business ranging from R&D to Tertiary marketing. The combined work experience of our associates exceeds 150 years in various aspects of lubricants with world renowned companies.

  1. Assessment

  • Company’s needs
  • Strength & opportunities
  • Strategies
  • Business Options


  1. Design

  • Concept designing
  • Brand designing includes logo & related art work
  • Label/Container designing including moulds
  • Façade/display board
  • Formulations of various grades
  • Product datasheet/MSDS


  1. Logistics

  • Inbound logistics ( Raw material supply chain)
  • Warehouse management
  • Outbound Logistics ( Finished goods supply chain)
  • Vendor identification and training
  • RM/FG specification finalization


  1. Manufacturing

  • Evaluation of options(own facility/toll blending etc)
  • Plant designing ( based on your requirement)
  • Evaluation of plant supplier
  • Construction of plant & allied facilities
  • Commissioning


  1. Soft skills

  • Help in recruiting manpower
  • Training on various modules
  • IT related support ( website/digital marketing)
  • Various  manuals

Ciif Lubricants Pvt. Ltd.

Lubricants for Automotive, Industrial and Specialty Segments