Ciif Lubricants believes social responsibility is an integral part of any organisation, because without the prosperity of the world we are in, it is impossible to prosper ourselves.

Moreover, we realise that oil is as precious for mankind as oxygen is and that the black gold has supported much of the rapid progress man has made in the recent centuries. We also know that wastage translates into additional costs for our customers. Therefore, Ciif Lubricants has formed guidelines for proper use and disposal of used oils, lubricants and greases that have a positive impact on the environment as well as trickle down to you in the form of profits.

We have a strict RRR policy, where we minimise the wastage that goes out of our modern manufacturing plants, recycle materials identified in regular Green audits, and reuse materials wherever possible. Ciif Lubricants also plans to go for plantations in over one million acres of wasteland by 2025. We also intend to partner governments in their social forestry programs so that our urban areas get to breathe freely.

With clear environmental goals set for all our business areas, Ciif Lubricants conducts all its activities in a well-planned and sustainable manner.

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