Engineered Lubricants’ innovative lubrication survey puts Ciif Lubricants a step ahead of the others. Our thorough lubrication survey, maps all the required lubrication for every piece of machinery at the plant. This includes production equipment, conveyors, exhaust fans, cranes, forklifts, etc. Our Survey will include every equipment that uses lubricants.. All lubrication points are documented with pictures, making this an integral tool for your personnel to properly perform their duties.

In order to provide our customers with optimum cost savings, we believe our lubrication surveys need to be this thorough. Each survey includes specific instructions for each machine, rather than general recommendations for a group of machines. Lubrication survey, benefits the customer in the following ways

  • Reduction in Inventory costs
  • Reduction in No of SKU
  • Reduced chances of misapplication
  • Better vendor management
  • Overall reduction in lubricant requirement
  • Simplification in storage and handling

Please get in touch with our representative to know more about how lubrication surveys can help your industry save costs.




We conduct regular educational seminars for our retail network mainly mechanic/garages/service centres. We also conduct specialized and customised training programmes for our industrial high value customers. The programmes are normally a 1 day event covering a range of topics pertaining to lubricants and its applications/implications. Scores of industries and retail professionals have benefitted from this programme.

Our seminars can be arranged on-site, at your facility or a convenient location; for a group of your employees. Ciif’s training seminars are a good forum for employees to exchange thoughts that will help improve lubrication practices throughout the plant. An added advantage would be, saving on travel expenses and time.




Lubricants, is both Passion & Profession at Ciif.. We do provide technically sound advice to our customers on a regular basis with regard to ‘Troubleshooting’. The troubleshooting service involves thorough investigation and a visit to the place is essential, although, not mandatory. Our troubleshooting services have benefitted many industries and customers and are not restricted to issues pertaining to our products alone. We have provided troubleshoot advice pertaining to the following areas

  • Wrong lubricants selection
  • Viscosity related complication
  • Machinery failure attributable to lubricating oils/greases
  • Selection of right lubricants/machinery for your requirement


  1. Lubricant Lifespan Enhancement


Our understanding of lubricants and its chemistry avails a holistic view of your lubrication requirement. Our resource centre is well trained and equipped to carry out a conditional monitoring programme to suggest lubricant lifespan extension techniques/methods. This may include but not limited to

  • top-up suggestions,
  • addition of one or more depleted component
  • improved methodology of application
  • New improved cost effective replacement
  • Change in equipment operations/parts




Our well-equipped laboratory offers sample analysis services for almost all types of lubricants/greases. We are also exploring options of technical liaisons with other world class testing facilities. The sample analysis helps in monitoring additive depletion, wear metal assay, viscometrics etc to help you make the most from your lubricants and equipment.




We have in-house Facilities to develop newer products with technical collaborations from leading world class organizations. The new product development essentially covers the following areas

  • Improved specifications of our existing products
  • Lubricants developed to meet additional performance parameters
  • Cost effective replacement of existing products
  • Tailor-made lubricants to meet your exact requirements
  • Import substitution of costly products.

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